WS vs RS

Sorry everyone, I know this was recently covered in another post, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

Okay, if my pattern says this:

RS knit 100 sts
WS purl 100sts
End with RS row.

Does this mean that the last thing I will do is knit my 100 sts? I think so. Also, does this mean that the RS is facing me or facing out?

Put more simply, when I wear the garment, will the bumps be showing or the little V’s?

Thanks so much. Someday I will understand all of this…I promise!

End with a RS row means that’s the last row you knit and the right side will be facing you. Never apologize for asking questions. That’s how we learn. :wink:

Thanks for such a speedy reply Ingrid!

Okay, so when I wear it, the little Vs will be showing. That’s right, right?

Darn it, I was hoping the bumps would show. The pancho I’m making is 250 sts and on the purl side I accidentally knitted about 50 sts so I have a big scar that shows very dramatically on the purl side.


That happened about 4,000 sts ago and I refuse to rip now.

Oh well, live and learn!

Thanks again.

well…here’s prolly a silly question and it will likely depend on your pattern but can’t you realistically make either side the “right side” as far as the side that shows? seems to me that depending on how it is made you could make it so the bumpy side shows instead of the “V” side. (yeah i can never remember which one is which but i BELIEVE the bumpy side is the knit side…only cuz when i garter stitch i have the bumps…lol)

maybe i am just not thinking it through but it seems to me that unless the pattern is made in a way that there is only one way you can wear it (or put it together if that is your pattern) then you can make whatever side you want be the side that shows when you wear it.

You have bumps on garter stitch because the back of a knit stitch is a purl, so when you knit every row in garter, you alternate front and back.

As far as the poncho goes, if the right side is knit, the v’s will show. But since it IS a poncho see what it looks like inside out. The knitting police are rather inactive. :wink:

Haha! That made me laugh out loud.

Yes, if it were that simple, I would just turn it around and would scoff at the knitting police! But, unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. There’s a cable crossing involved and a collar sort of thing. I only gave you my basic problem.

This is my most ambitous project. I’m finally moving off rectangles and am doing something more. It’s also the first time I’ve had the guts to purl. It’s not to bad after you get the hang of it.

I tried hard to be very careful, but it’s kind of a mess. Oh well. Practice makes purlfect.

omg…lol…you went from knitting rectangles to knitting cables? i am so impressed with all of you who do that! I FINALLY have gotten the yarn to make my TRIO bag so i will finally knit something that isn’t a rectangle as soon as i get the needles i won off ebay… been doing a little of this :verysad: just thinking about it…lol

You’re doing the Trio bag? How great! That might be my next project. I was a little intimidated by all that seed stiching. But I just learned how to make an I cord to do it so that’s one hurdle down. Yeah for you!

Are you using Trio yarn? Is it exspensive? I’m definately a cost cutting knitter, but that yard looks so pretty I might have to splurge.

May I make a correction here? I went from rectangles to cable (singular) not cables (pural). There is a single cable at the neck. I almost didn’t buy the pattern, but someone at the yarn shop convinced me I could do it. And Amy’s video makes it look very easy.

And…it’s a disaster! That’s one reason why I’m still on budget yarns!

Tell me how the Trio bag goes!

wellllllllllllll…let me say. i have no kids…and no husband to tell me no…lol. I have a job that pays the bills plus and a part time job that i love that gives me all the play money i could want each month. SOOOOO…my yarn obsessesion gets well satiated. That being said, i won’t pay 20-30 for a skein of yarn because i am cheaper than THAT! but the Trio yarn didn’t hurt me too much to buy. i think it was about 35 dollars for the four balls of yarn for the bag. I was thinking about it this weekend though and it dawned on me…i would, almost without exception, never pay that much for a bag like that in the store…lol. i guess my perception is different though since i am making it. So my level of cheapness is a strange dichotomy.