WS/RS confusion

I just finished a scarf (my first project) and I am self-taught with books and the Internet and no matter what I do, both sides look exactly the same. I did this pattern: I have no idea why both sides look the same. I even did an extra swatch of just knit stitches, but it still all looks like the bumpy wrong side. Help??

That is mostly garter stitch and garter stitch looks the same on both sides. So if it looks the same on both sides then you are doing it correctly!:thumbsup:

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[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]First of all - I love the pattern… nice and easy and looking good.
Secondly, I think you are thinking the wrong side should look like it was done in stocking stitch instead of garter.
Garter stitching is all the same because all you are doing is knit… any side can be the right side.
With stocking stitch, you knit one side and purl the other so that all the bumps are on one side and the other side is all smooth.
Your pattern calls for garter which is great for a scarf since you don’t really want a wrong side in this instance.
Hope this helps…

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.
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This makes sense now! I’m just starting out, but I hope to get help from my future mother-in-law when I go visit them this winter!

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It looks to me like the pattern is done in garter stitch, which is simply that you knit every row. That creates the “bumpy” effect on both sides, so you really didn’t do anything “wrong”! You just followed the pattern. What a relief, right? :yay:

The good news is that garter stitch creates a nice, fluffy warm weave so your scarf should be nice and cozy!

Very well done on finishing it!

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

Congrats, College Knitter, on learning to knit! This is one college-learned skill that will carry you through the rest of your life.

It’s a great coping skill, releases stress big-time. And it’s one you can do whether you’re on a ver-ry tight budget or have megabucks to visit every yarn store in the area twice a day. :wink:

And self-taught! Lady, I’m proud of you! :heart:


PS - here’s a hint to tell right side from wrong side: take a snippet of contrasting-colored yarn and tie it around a couple of stitches so that the two tails both hang on the right side [or wrong side] of your work. It’s a quick visual way to tell the difference.

I’ve recently finished a garter stitch baby blanket (Opart from and am working on a baby surprise jacket by E Zimmerman - both garter stitch projects. I really like to look of it!

I think in the past I’d snub my nose at garter stitch projects since it is such an easy, basic ‘beginner’ stitch - but now I am thinking it is really quite elegant looking.

Love the scarf pattern!!