WS Row

This is the 1st step of a baby sweater and I don’t know how to tell which is the WS if you do garter stitch!

Back: Cast on 32 sts, Work in garter st until piece measures 4 in. from beginning; end with a WS row

So my question is how do you tell which is the WS when you are doing garter stitch since all you are doing is knitting every row.

Thanks Ladies!!!


It really doesn’t make a difference. They just want you to designate a WS row so when you continue, you have a right side and a wrong side–probably for shaping. I’d just pick one and mark it with a piece of yarn or a pin.

i use my long tail as a ‘marker’ i guess. Seeing as how the first row i work is usually the right side, then everytime i am about to knit the first stitch and there is a long tail dangling from that edge, then it’s my right side. Also usually, my odd numbered rows are my right side.

Why thanks Ladies!!! Maybe this pattern is a little to hard for me to start with? I am very comfy with the basics of course but I’m getting bored with just the basics. I’ve made a scarf, a hat, and a baby blanket and I was looking to move on to something else that would be more challenging. Now I found this pattern on Lion Brand yarn website

and it says “easy” :roflhard: I have to read the pattern like 100 times before it makes sense. I was thinking of trying to make this pattern with some cheap red heart yarn and then see what happens! The yarn is kinda expensive for this project so I thought that would be a good idea. Or would any of you have an idea of what would be a good next project? I ordered Amy’s CD so I could make the socks! I learn best by watching and it’s hard to understand when I look at just illustrations.