WS or RS on outside of DP Needles?

Hi All
Hope all is well for the New Year so far!!

I have decided as a New Year’s Res to try those scary DP needles.

So I have decided to try a pair of socks.

My question is, what side should be facing out and what side facing in.
Right now my RS is on the inside. Hope that is right… if not… YIKES!

The RS is supposed to be on the outside, not the inside. That’s a fairly common mistake in knitters who are new to DPNs but it’s easily fixed. Make sure that when you are knitting, you’re working with from the needle that is closest to you. If you’re working with a needle that is far away from you (essentially on the other side of the circle), your knitting will be inside out. It’s more than likely that this is your problem.
If that is your problem, don’t worry - as long as you made that mistake consistently, you don’t need to frog a single stitch! Simply turn your work inside out (or right side in… lol) by pulling the knitted fabric straight up through the middle and just continue knitting, but make sure you’re working with the needles closest to you.

Let me know if this helps! :thumbsup:


I am not sure I know what you mean by farthest away needles.
I watched the knitting video and I think I am doing it the same way, but if you can elaborate that would be greatly appreciated.

Put your needles down on your lap. Your two working needles (the one on the left holding the previous stitches and the one on the right that you’re using to create new stitches should be closest to your stomach. The needles farthest away from you (toward your knees) should be the ones just holding stitches.

Oh Boy! Now I find out I have been doing it “wrong”. I have been
holding the two end needles together at the top while I join them
together and I proceed with the yarn to knit counter clockwise - so that means I am knitting… which side?


Don’t feel badly, I just started knitting with DPN’s a week ago as well, and I did the same thing. I was able to figure it out myself, but it’s easily done.

Turn your sock inside out and work on the needle closest to you and your problem will be solved!

Good luck!

The needles should look like this -

[quote=suzeeq;1053697]The needles should look like this -[/quote

You do not know how much that picture is helpful, that is not what I have been doing at all, plus looks way less needle congested!!

Thanks for that.]

Well that picture is a circular, but the basic idea is the same. Someone here posted a tip - think of your knitting as a cup, the working needles should be on the side you drink from.

Well, I am knitting with DP needles… wooohoooooo!

But now am wondering for pattern do I read chart from right to left for all rows?
Makes sense to me, but I thought I would check just in case.

Thanks to all above who helped me see the right side of life… hahaaa

Don’t feel bad. I made the exact same mistake when I started with dpns. This question shows up on the board about every two weeks, so there are LOTS of us who start off wrong.

You’re right about reading charts for knitting in the round. The chart shows your work from the RS and since you’re always knitting on the RS…

Well, I have completed my first circular project!!! It looks just like the picture and my husband was sooooo happy that I was making him a touque.

Except it would not fit my 8 year old son. Might fit a newborn for a day.

I really need to do gauges… hahahahaaa

Here is the website to what hat I made, used everything the same, but I bet my tension was bit tight or something… hahahaa oh well.
I can at least knit with DP needles.
Thanks to all for my success in this new knitting venture. :muah:

Congratulations on completing your project!