WS OR RS in afghan

I decided to use one less row in the edging of a baby afghan,
throwing off the ws vs rs as stated in the pattern.
However, pattern itself is pretty even.
Does it really matter in this case?
The only adding and subtracting are yo’s and knit 2 tog.
Lacy pattern with worsted yarn.
Baby Sport - Staggered Squares Blanket (knit)

I’m no expert, but in the final analysis RS vs WS is up to you. Do you like the way it looks? If so, no problem.

I agree. If you like the look of the pattern, then it’s fine. Here’s a link to the pattern:
When you ask about edging, do you mean the garter st at the beginning and end? If so, the depth of the edging is entirely a matter of preference. Pretty pattern, btw.

Thank you for your replies.
Such a noodle-head.
I had previously made a small one in yellow, and gave away.
This one is in Red Heart super saver in worsted 4-in
Wildflower mixed color pattern. Loved the colors-cheap yarn.
Other such yarn at: dare I say it - Wal-Mart.
Was going there for shipping supplies. Why I feel I need an excuse-??
Have not decided yet if I like holes going the other way-full sized
appx. 4 inches done. Thx again
Also, thank you for liking pattern, as I do also. Along with #5 baby afghan
from Leisure arts little books "Beginner’s guide to knit stitches & easy projects"
My two go-to baby patterns. Yes, I am referring to the garter edging.