WS on DPNS --?

I’m having some trouble with this hat pattern I’ve started.
It tells me to turn to WS, but I’m working on DPNS. I don’t really understand how to do this. I mean, I could work backwards, along the third needle, but won’t that leave me with a hole? Would love any help I could get on this. Thanks sooooo much!

What exactly are the pattern instructions? What is it telling you to do when you turn to the WS?

I’ve just finished joining it all with a knit, and am about to start some short rows for part of a brim on sort of newsboy type cap. so it says:
CO 63
join with one row of knit sts
turn to WS
-then to start the short rows

I just checked a couple other places and think I know what I have to do. Seems kinda obvious now. I just flip the actual knitting itself. thanks to campbellmom549 anyways. much appreciated!

Yes, you just turn as if you were working flat and work with the WS row facing you.