WS in the round?

Hi, working on this pat (the hat) it is clearly written “in the round”, however when you get to the shaping, it says: WS p then K on the next row…I am already in st st…what’s this gonna do to the pat…Thanks all

Hi, cute sweater and hat. The sweater is knitted in the round, but the hat is done back and forth on the circular needle. Don’t know why.

No. This pattern was not written to be knitted in the round. It says to use the circular needles as straight needles. So, you sometimes you will be knitting on the wrong side and purl. Just knit the piece back and forth normally and follow the decreasing instructions for the crown. You will have to do a little seaming at the end, but it’s no sweat.

I thought about that some more, and I bet the reason for knitting back and forth is so the stripes will match up.

Duh Duh Duh…now what?? I am already almost done in the round…Now how do I do the shaping part?:wink:

Instead of purling, just knit every row, decreasing by k2tog. You will have to switch to dp needles when you have too few stitches for the circular needle.

You can just do the decreases the same way, only opposite…

For row 1, k2tog, k17 and repeat around. Do the even numbered rows as written, the odd numbers are -
[B]Row 3:[/B] *k2tog, k6; rep from * across – 56 sts.
[B]Row 5:[/B] With E, *k2tog, k4, ; rep from * across – 40 sts.
[B]Row 7: [/B]*k2tog, k2; rep from * across – 24 sts.
[B]Row 9: /B 8 times – 8 sts.

The decreases will not match up, but they didn’t on the original directions either. Isn’t it going to look very messy? Or is that just part of the “look”?

Hmm, I see what you mean. Okay then, just change the p and p2tog to k and k2tog and the decs line up. You’re right about them being odd on the original pattern, maybe it was to have been knit in the round then they changed it to work flat in rows, but forgot to change the decs. I dunno, it’s so hard to figure out what Lion patterns are supposed to do half the time.