Ws do'nt understand

ROW1 (WRONG SIDE) (P3, K3 ) 3 TIMES P3, K1



[color=blueviolet]I’m assuming your not knitting in the round so I would think row 1 and odd rows are the Wrong Side. Row 2 and all even rows are the Right Side (RS). I don’t really know what else to tell you except while your knitting you can tell just by looking what the WS and RS are.[/color]

The first row you knit is often the right side, and the second row is often the wrong side.
Knitting in the round, the right side is the side facing out and the wrong side inside the work.

It could depend on what cast-on method you’re using. If you’re using a long tail cast on, then Row 1 is often the wrong side because when you cast on, you’re putting the first row on the needle, and really starting with the second row when you knit. The look of the wrong side often depends on the stitch pattern too. Let’s say you’re knittin something in plain stockinette stitch. The side with the V’s (the side you knit) is the right side and the side with the bumps (the side you purl) is the wrong side.

Sometimes the two sides look almost identical, and the only way you can tell wrong side from right side is just knowing which row you’re on. So assuming this is the case in this pattern, it says that Row 1 is a wrong side row. So you know that rows 1,3,5,7,9, and all odd numbered rows are WS rows, and all even rows are RS rows. Does that help?? So this pattern isn’t telling you to start on a WS side row, it’s telling you that row 1 IS a WS row.

This might not work for everyone everytime, but when I forget which row I’m on (if it’s a WS or RS), I look at where my cast-on tail is. If the tail is on the right side of my work, then I’m on a WS row. If the tail is on the left side of my work, then I’m on a RS row…wait, is that right :?? Yes, ok, I checked one of my projects. This might depend on your cast-on technique, but it should work with long-tail (for the reason mentioned earlier), cable, knit-on, etc. Might not be the case with some of the fancier cast-ons.

this is probably way more than you wanted to know! :smiley:

If when you’re looking at it, for this pattern anyway, if the first three stitches are purls then you’re looking at the wrong side. If the first three look like knits, then it’s the right side.