(WS) and (RS) directions

I am moving along on this tank pattern thanks for all of your help this direction has stumped me since I’m knitting in the round.

(ws) k2, p across, k last 2 stitches
(rs) k

Repeat steps 4&5 for 12 (14)(16)(18)(20) rows

To get on the WS should I physically turn the work around and switch the needles in my hand?


It sounds like you are working the shoulder sections of the tank which have to be worked flat. That means you will have to go ahead and physically turn the work and switch needles and all that stuff.

If the instructions says rows than you are working flat. Is the tank backless? If so, you could be moving into making the front piece of the top. Another option will have you hold some stitches on one needle while you work and complete one side before moving onto the needle holding the live stitches. Usually the pattern will tell you to turn your project inside out if that is part of the process.

That’s what I thought so far only one arm whole is appearing… hope I’m doing it right.