Wrong yarn?

I’m knitting a saxon braid, (NOT MINE< JUST A PHOTO FOR EXAMPLE"S SAKE!)

and, so far, the details aren’t showing up.
I’m careful to follow the directions, so, I’m pretty sure I’m not skipping any stitches.
I’m using plain old sport weight red heart yarn, and, size 9 needles.
Please suggest any changes I should make, to make the
design pop out, like it does in this photo.

When I slip the stitches to the cable needle, and hold in back,or front, do I slip them as if to knit, or does it matter?
maybe that’s making the design look muddled.
I don’t know.

When slipping sts I’ve heard purlwise is what u r supposed to do all the time, but, I don’t know for certain.:???:

Definitely slip purlwise in this case- you don’t want to change the orientation of the stitches, just the order.

I’m doing that same cable right now in Lamb’s Pride worsted on size 8 needles- I’ve done one whole repeat, and the cables look great to me. Sport weight yarn sounds to me like it might be a bit small for size 9 needles- is your fabric really lacy looking? Maybe you need to size your needles down?

By the way, when slipping stitches, you don’t always want to slip purlwise. In this case, you don’t want to turn the stitches around, so you slip them purlwise. In some cases, though, such as when you do SSK (slip-slip-knit) you do want to change the orientation of the stitches because it causes the decrease to lean the other way, which is desirable in some cases. In those cases, you would slip knitwise.

I’ve always slipped the stitches purlwise. I think if you slipped them knitwise it would twist the stitch making it not stand out like the pic.

hopefully, my problem is slipping the sts knitwise, most of the time, no matter what.

I’ll give it a try, slipping only purlwise, and, I’ll use a size 8 or 7 needle.
The photo looks sooo pretty.
I’ll try again. :pray:

I was going to suggest a smaller needle, as well. Sport on 9 will make too loose a fabric. I’d probably go with a 6 at most.

It also depends on how much you have done. Most stitch patterns don’t really show up well until you have several inches done.