Wrong wool weight for pattern

My granddaughter has chosen a pattern and wool for me to knit. Unfortunately, the pattern tension is for !8 stitches and 32 rows for a 10cm square but the wool is 18 stitches and 24 rows.
If I knit the sweater one size larger, will that overcome the problem or will the raglan sleeve be too tight?
The wool was quite expensive and but the patterns for that brand just don’t tick the boxes for said granddaughter!

Welcome to KH. Have you swatched to see what you get when you knit up the yarn? It looks like you could have the right stitch count and that’s generally more important than the row count. What yarn and what pattern do you have? If you can give us a link to your pattern or its name it would help.

Thanks for quick response! Yes, I did the test square - 18 stitches came up correctly but 32 rows as per pattern was approx 1.5 cm more. The pattern is Wendy 5633 and the wool is Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran. It feels gorgeous, by the way - can’t wait to get at it!

This one? https://www.cucumberpatch.com/wendy-osprey-aran-knitting-pattern-5633# I can’t tell much about it in the picture, it’s just too small.
Does your pattern include length measurements for the pieces? If so someone can probably help you make the adjustments.

Are you thinking of the one with the cowl neck or the round neck? Most of the time the row gauge isn’t critical but raglan sleeves may be an exception. Since you need to bind off sts on each row or every other row and accomplish this within a certain number of rows, the row gauge becomes more important. You may be able to fudge a couple of sts by binding off more sts at the underarm. That’ll leave you with fewer sts for the raglan bind off and perhaps that’ll be enough so that you can finish the decreases in close to the correct measurement. This would hold true for the back, front and sleeves.
Since it’s a loose fitting sleeve, if the raglan extends a bit longer that won’t be so noticeable either.

Thanks both - It shows up better on http://awoollytail.com/sale/wendy-pattern-5633-osprey-aran-knitted-cabled-crew-and-large-collared-raglan-sweaters.html
It’s the crew neck, thank goodness!
What an excellent site this is - already I’ve learnt the term “bind off” - been knitting for well over 60 years and never heard it before!

Thanks for the link to the better photo. We get knitters from all over the world here and you’ll find a mix of terms. Maybe you’ll be able to help us with some of the British terms that boggle our brains.

Your cable repeats might not come out exactly per the pattern but I bet salmonmac and others can help you figure that out too. This looks like a great project and your granddaughter is very fortunate to have someone who will make it up for her. We love to see pictures too so feel free to share some of your work with us, please.

Thanks again - I’ll let you know how I get on! Happy to offer translation service :wink: and will put up the odd picture once I’ve figured out how to do that.

Goodnight for now - I think there’s a glass of red awaiting me.

thanks for that link - the site has over 175 FREE knitting patterns! woohoo! :slight_smile:

Think I’ve cracked it! I dropped a needle size and now get the right size for the stitches and rows. It’s a little firmer in finish but as the wool is so soft, don’t think this should be a problem.
Thanks all for help. :slight_smile: