Wrong stitch in panic mode

Thank you for your adviceon my twisted purl stitch, however you are not going to believe this…
I not only got my stitches twisted, I got my words twisted too. Yesterday I was in panic mode after my knitting skills were put into question while a friend was praising the work I had done. I, immediately downplayed it all and then began to wonder if I had even done them right. Mainly because knitting seemed to be coming to me naturally, so of course I had to question it. :doh:

Anyway, the stitch I meant to ask about was the knit stitch. I have gotten the purl stitch okay, mostly because I was very cautious about it at first.
It is the knit stitch I was sooooo sure of that I didn’t even need to check. That is until I had completed my 7th scarf. Musta got too cocky. Then when I realized it all, I was so frazzled by the possible implications of my arrogance that I couldn’t even get my words right.

So, after watching a couple episodes of "Knitty Gritty" on HGTV, I feel much better about my twisted knit stitch, but would still appreciate any comments, or advise.
 Thank you again for trying to ease my panic.[img][/img][list=][ul][/ul][/list]

My stitches were “twisted” on my first few projects-- found out I was “knitting through the back loop” rather than through the front. If you like the end result, it shouldn’t matter! You may want to practice the “proper” method, because twisting your stitches makes for a tighter weave, and as you work on more complicated projects, it will affect how they come out.

If you can catch the Annie Modesitt KG episode- she actually talks about knitting the “right” way-- her opinion was if you like the final product, it’s right for you! Don’t worry about the scarves that are already done- I’m sure they look great, and you should be proud of the work you did. If anyone tells you otherwise- just tell them you added your own twist to the project! If you like it- it’s right. :slight_smile: Hopefully this helps!


hey guys! what’s up?

i actually found out last week that i’ve been knitting and purling twisted stitches too! i was horrified! :pout: but don’t worry. i’ve fixed my ways. worst part is. . . .

i’ve been knitting for about a year! :hair: so all the bajillion things i’ve made . . . twisted. oh well. glad you found out. :star:

Took me about a year to find out too- it wasn’t until I found KG on DIY that I realized what I was doing.