Wrong size needles!

I am knitting a swoncho (http://starlost.blog.163.com/blog/static/204563032201312634013494/)

I am at the cuff stage, picking up and knitting 26 sts. Pattern instructs using size US 7, 16" circular needle. The only 16" circular needle I have is size US 3.5. Could I use this needle and just pick up and knit more sts? If so how many extra sts should I pick up?

US size 3.5? That’s new to me, but that probably doesn’t mean anything. Do you have a longer needle in the size you need? If so you might be able to do it magic loop. I’m thinking that dropping down to a 3ish size needle might be too small for yarn that would ordinarily be knit on larger needles.

ETA is your pattern on Ravelry? The site you linked to locked up my computer, either it’s too graphic intensive for my old tired laptop or a script got stuck so I won’t try again.

I have the size 7 circular that I need but it’s a bit too long. I’ll try the magic loop. The pattern is on a blog so I can’t send the link :frowning:
Thanks a bunch!

How long is your needle? If it’s not long enough for magic loop you might do traveling loop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyd0BkKC8tU

i have a couple DPN sets that are all in mm sizing (one british, one chinese), and they match up with what we’d consider half US sizes… like, 2.5mm is US 1.5, 3mm is US 2.5, 4.25mm is US 6.5, etc… from my limited experience, it seems they’re more likely found in the smaller/sock needle sizes.

my other thought is you could use the 16" size 7 needle, but work back and forth as a flat piece, instead of in-the-round. and then use an extra long tail to sew up the seam between the 2 sides. it would look like a normal manufactured/seamed item instead of in-the-round/hand-made, but would keep the cuff’s elasticity just fine. you’d likely want to add a stitch or two at each edge, so you had some selvage.

I tried the magic loop method but it was getting snug to work with. I decided to switch to 3 double pointed needles and its working great. I wanted to ask you, the pattern has shorter sleeves taking the sleeves to just past your elbow instructing to do stocking st for 8 rows. My question is if I wanted longer sleeves, could I go longer? increasing the amount of rows to make the sleeves longer?

Sure, just try the sleeve on to make sure it’s comfortable, not too tight or too loose as you knit the sleeve. You might want to narrow it a bit depending on how long you want the sleeves to be.

okay, great! Thank you!