Wrong size needles

Hi. I am currently attempting my first sweater pattern, it’s very easy but I have just realised that I have been using the wrong size needles (8 mm instead of 10). As the back, armholes, sleeves etc are all to be knitted to a particular length should I carry on as I am, or should I change up to the right size. Please don’t tell me to start again, I’ve done loads and was just about to start the armholes on the back piece when I realised my very stupid mistake!!! Thanks.

Did u do a gauge swatch before u started? Normally, that would tell you what size needles to use. Just because a pattern says “9” or “10” that doesn’t mean that’s what size u should use. That’s a suggestion from the designer. You have to find out which size YOU need to get the same measurements the designer did.

If u change sizes now, in the middle of your project, your stitches will look different from that point on.

Try this: Lay the back out flat and measure from the bottom edge up to where u started the armholes. (Without stretching it). Now find out from the pattern what that measurement is supposed to be for the size you’re making. Do those 2 measurements match?? How close are they to each other? If it’s pretty close, then I’d say to continue with the size you’re using.

If the 2 measurements aren’t anywhere close to each other, then u will have to decide if u want to rip out and start over or what!!!


While you’re measuring as knitcindy suggests, also measure the stitch gauge, the number of sts per 4 inches. See how close that is to the pattern gauge and that too will help you decide about the needles.
Is the width at the armholes the width you want?
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?