Wrong Size Circular Needles

The pattern Im doing called for a 10.5 needle and the length is 24 inches, but I bought one that was 29 inches, what do I do? Can I still use it to make the pattern?

What is it that you’re making? Can you give us a link to the pattern?

It will probably be fine, but it could depend on your pattern? What are you making? Is it knit flat or in the round?

its knit in the round thttp://www.vogueknitting.com/free_patterns/cabled_bag.aspxhe


the link didnt work this one does

Oh that’s beautiful! It may fit, but the stitches will be stretch further than you may want them knitting in the round. If they are then you can do a modified magic loop. I can’t find a link that works, but when I do I’ll post it.

I suggest you give it a try though because it may work just fine as it is.

I tried casting on the sts for it on the needle but it didnt fit, i thought about casting on enough sts to make is connect in the round and decressing until I reach the required number of sts, but Im not sure if I can decrease in the cast on. Can I do that with no problems

The link works Jan, but you have to be signed up to the VK site and logged on to see it. But it doesn’t like my saved pw even though I’m getter their emails…

The width is supposed to be 14" across, so double that would be 28" and I think it’ll work after you knit the first round. You could cast on and do one row flat, then join at the end of it.

Im sorry but I dont understand what your telling me to do, can you explain further. If the pattern is doubled ca I still work the same pattern, will it look the same? If so how do I do it?

The bag is knit in the round and measures 14" across the width which means you’d be knitting 28" around on your needle, not doubling the sts.

The pattern calls for 118 sts, I casted them on last night but they didnt come to end needle and wouldnt connect, this is the first project Ive used a cicular needle I guess Im just confused

Wool Ease Chunky yarn is VERY thick. Are you using the same yarn that the pattern calls for? With that many stitches, it “should” be long enough to connect and work in the round.


No, Im used worsted weight think its #4, I dont want it really thick, but the length of thr cable is to long, I though about casting on enough sts to make them connect and decresing until I reach 118, but Im not sure if that would work, can you decrese the cast on sts

Then you can use the single loop method to get your stitches to join. After you do a few rounds though, it should be loose enough you don’t have to loop the cord anymore.

I still dont understand what your saying the required number of sts wont fit around the cable, when I try to do so it streches the sts out. Is there anyway to make my cable smaller?

That’s why I posted the link to single loop knitting in post 14. That lets you make a loop in the cord so it’s a little bit shorter and you can knit all your stitches in the round that way. Cast on with some scrap yarn and try it out.

That link doesnt work I had to use bing to find it, thats why I got confused but it did help but I think that I to have straighten out the cord first!

I’m so sorry. I heard last week it had changed and I thought I fixed it.

Now on checking it, appears that both links I had for single/travelling loop were to the same person, but were on different blogs and have now been consolidated. The information didn’t look the same to me, so that’s why I thought I had different pages.

Here’s a video, btw, hope that works for you.

When you substitute yarn you should try to use the same weight. In this case a chunky yarn. Worsted weight is a lighter weight of yarn so the same number of stitches cast on will be smaller. So you’re probably going to have to magic loop as Sue is suggesting.

Also… cast on the stitches and then knit flat for a few rows before joining. Less chance of having a twisted cast on, too.