Wrong side

Hello-I am new at knitting and am trying to follow a simple pattern. The pattern says 1st row (wrong side): K3, etc… How do I do wrong side? I am not sure what that means.

Hi! The pattern is just telling you that Row 1 (the first row you work after your cast on row) has been determined by the pattern to be the “wrong side” of the project you are making. Then Row 2 will be the ‘right side’ of the project.

I like to put a little pin on the ‘right side’ of my project so I always can tell, since later on in the pattern it may direct you to do something on the right side/wrong side. Hope that helps.

It’s just telling you that what is facing you as you work that first row will be the wrong side of the piece you are knitting. It may not be real important, but just in case, you can mark it with a safety pin on that side or pull a strand of yarn through and tie a bow on that side. I’m just saying mark the side that faces you somehow and note that that will be the wrong side of the piece (the non-public side, or the side that is not as attractive as the “right side”) If you ever need to know which side is the wrong side or right side later that will guide you. You may be able to tell without the marker after a few inches.