Wrong side

my pattern tells me to knit on the wrong side and the right side. can someone please give me instructions on how to do that:cool:

The right side of your work is typically the knit side and the wrong side is the side that presents as purls unless otherwise stated in the pattern. Does that answer your question?

What kind of stitch pattern are you doing? Does your pattern make ref to ‘RS’ or ‘WS’?


The RS is the ‘public’ side–the one you want the world to see. It will show the pattern best on a blanket or such, and be the outside of a piece of clothing.

If one is knitting Garter stitch, which side is the wrong side? I decided it was the side with the cast-on tail that I wove in using Amy’s tip.

If you’re working garter stitch, you can pretty much pick which side is the right side. In that case, you really only need to know right from wrong when you’re doing shaping. Just pick a side and tie a little piece of yarn on it, or use the tail.