Wrong side?

OK, I’ll ask this again. I have made a few scarves, and have masterd the basic “knit and purl”. Now I am making my first baby blanket, I’m pregnant with our 3rd child. I made a swatch of the pattern (divided boxes patterns with a medium weight yarn, size 6 needle). The directions say to measure the swatch on the “wrong side”. How do I know what is the wrong side??? THANKS!


First it depends on your pattern. Stockinette stitch has a distinct right side and wrong side. Garter stitch looks the same on both sides. Some patterns, it doesn’t matter. Others, its obvious.

One way to check is to look for your tail. For your first, row, usually a right side row, the tail was on the left as that side faced you. Still is.

Hi Ingrid,

I am working on a pattern right now that is entirely ribbing. The pattern reads that I am to k2 p2 noting that the first row is a WS row … why would they call the first row a WS … I’m a new knitter as well and I find the RS/WS confusing sometimes …

Thank you

Ribbing looks the same on both sides, so there is no ‘wrong’ side when you look at it. They specify this (wrong side) for ribbing as an added way to make sure you know where you’re at when you start the pattern stitches. Not really critical if you count your rows, but if you have to match the length of ribbing on the front and back of a sweater, for example, you should keep track.

One other thing to add to the RS - WS issue.

When I do long-tail cast on, I like the first row I knit to be the wrong side, because I like the look of the cast on edge on the second row to be the right side. I hope that made sense :?? .
So even if the first knitted row is “supposed” to be the right side per the pattern, I usually change it around. :thumbsup: Each cast on gives a different ‘look’, but long tail is the one I prefer and use most often. Adding or subtracting one row in the ribbing on a sweater, for example, is a really easy change to make.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: