Wrong side?

I am very new to knitting and have just started a hat. The pattern tells me at one point after knitting and purling alternate rows to finish on a ws row, I have just looked it up in the abbreviations explained bit and it tells me- wrong side, but what is this andhow do I finish on a wrong side row? Does it mean finish so that you begin again on the wrong side or finish with knitting on the wrong side?

Thanks for any advice in advance :smiley:

I have found the answer now, thank you :smiley:

I was actually wondering the same thing! What was the answer?

Finish a WS row and be ready to start a rs row :slight_smile: Sometimes you can tell what they mean if you look at what the pattern says to do next.

WS which stands for wrong side means the side of the knitting that you will not be looking at when its finished…if you get what I mean! In my case the side which was going to be the inside of the hat. Right side is obviously the ooposite :XX: