Wrong Side


I need help! My pattern says to do k3 (k7, k2tog)* seven times, k2, purl ws row

I understand that Ws mean wrongside, but I don’t understand this…how do I go about purling the wrong side?

tyke :guyknitting:

Just , when you get done with a right side row, turn your work to the other side, and purl every stitch. If you do not know how to purl, there are some very helpful videos on this site. They are quite good.

When you create stocking stitch you knit one row, (the RS) then purl the next, (WS).

You will notice a difference in the finish of both sides - the bumpy looking side is the WS.

I still don’t get it. If I turn it over to the wrong side, won’t the work be facing left. How do I purl when the work is facing left?


You knit across the first row. Now all the stitches have gone from the left needle to the right needle. You put the needle with the stitches on it in your left hand and start knitting (or purling) again, right? That is automatically the wrong side.

Thanks, I think that I understand. So I do the pattern and then I just purl a row like I would regularly, no fancy stuff. My goodness this is easy!


You’ve got it. It’s just another way of say - knit the first row in this pattern and purl the next row.