Wrong side WS?

I am a new knitter and have only made simple scarves and one simple baby blanket. I wanted to try a pattern on this site, the Irish Hiking Scarf. My problem is that on the first row it says WS. I looked it up and found that it means wrong side, but I am still confused about how to actually begin knitting. Can someone help?

Hi Rachel :slight_smile: I am also very new to knitting, but I came across this on a previous pattern. If I am not mistaken, the pattern is just informing you what will be the wrong side and the right side of your work. This will be important later when they give you a direction to do something on either the WS or RS of the scarf. I put a safety pin to mark the RS on a sweater I was attempting. After a while, it became very apparent to me which was the right side and wrong side, and I didn’t need the marker anymore.

As for that scarf pattern, follow the directions as stated, and be aware of which side is wrong and right.

Please post and let me know how hard that scarf was – I’d love to try a cable pattern, but I’m scared !


Holly’s exactly right – the “WS” is there just to let you know which side of the work is the “wrong side” and which is the “right side”.

That looks like a great pattern. I’ve never tried Cable knitting – Maybe that’ll be my next challenge.

Make sure you post a picture when you’re done!

I decided to just begin knitting yesterday and figured out the answer to my own question. I always make things far more complicated than I need to. So, I knitted for hours and I love the pattern.
Holly, it’s not too terribly difficult. I have a pretty short attention span, so the most difficult thing for me is to remember which row I am on. Knowing which rows go on the WS and which go on the RS definately help me. Yesterday I had many mistakes and it was very hard not to unravel the work and scrap the project. At one point I had one stich too many and at another point I had one stich too few. I decided that nothing is perfect and repaired the rows as well as I could. It’s getting easier. I would encourage you to try it. The worst thing that can happen is that you unravel the work and start again!