Wrong side vs. right side AGAIN! help please

OK, here I go again with the questions. I get it about the wrong side and the right side. It seems obvious that the cast on row is Row 1 and that it is the RS. So makes sense to say that odd rows are RS and even rows WS.

Problem: I bought the book “Knitting On the Edge” and some of the patterns say Row 1 (WS) and some say Row 1 (RS) and then some do not even specify! So why even say WS or RS? And if Row 1 is the cast on, then how can Row 1 (RS) say things like p3, [k1, yo, k1] in next stitch, rep from end? Wouldn’t that be instrctions for Row 2?

Am I an idiot? I thought I understood this. :?

Thanks for any advice, Ali

Hi Ali,

Just think of it this way:

The “right side” is the outside of your work - the side that will face the world. It is the side that people will see. It’s usually the side with all the interesting & pretty patterns.

The “wrong side” is the inside of your work. It is the side that only your skin will experience.

Just to make things even more confusing, I think many patterns do not consider the cast-on row to be Row 1, so what you’re thinking is Row 2 is reallly Row 1 for certain patterns?

Thanks for your advice…please bear with me…I still need help here.

I get that the right side is the side evryone sees and the wrong side is on the skin. But if my pattern says Row 1 (RS) k1, p1, k2t, etc… How is that going to be correct. We know that row 2 ( or in this case Row1) is the WS. So won’t that make the pattern I am trying to make (i.e. leaves) show up on the wrong side of the garment or scarf?

I hope I am making sense. Still so new to this.

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I concur! :slight_smile: I don’t consider the cast on row “Row 1”. I never have. :wink:



There is no standard RS or WS; the RS row and WS side rows are defined by each individual pattern. If the pattern doesn’t say which is which, then consult the picture of the finished peice :wink: Whatever pattern you see in that picture is the “RS”. If there is no picture, then you can pick which YOU WANT to be the RS or WS. :smiley:


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[b][color=red]Okay … think of it this way: If a pattern says that Row 1 is RS, then EVERY odd numbered row is also a RS.

I think maybe you should stop thinking of the cast on row as Row 1. Once you cast on the required amount of stitces, disregard the cast on row and continue with the pattern.


thanks for everyone’s help!!

I think I was making this harder than I needed to…as usual. :idea:

I was thinking that no matter what when you started on Row 1 it would always be the WS because that was the back of the garment. What the pattern or you all are saying is that if the pattern says Row 1 (RS) that means that will be my front? am I getting this right? If not, oh well, I will try a swatch and see what happens. If I still have problems I will be posting again.

Thanks for being patient with me. :smiley:

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