Wrong side/right side?

Hey all!
So I am somewhat new to knitting and am working on this blanket for my mother in law, so she can take it to chemotherapy…

This blanket is a basket weave pattern and I haven’t had any issues until now! I added my new yarn a while back, and then looked while knitting (apparently I wasn’t paying attention) and looked and saw that somehow I was knitting the wrong side, on the right side! So I unraveled back to where I noticed the issue, and am afraid I’m going to accidentally do it again. Does anyone have any insight?

I’ll attach the pattern if that helps at all :slight_smile:


See if you can identify a row 13 or 17 both of which are knit across the entire row (right side). If you can see the purl bumps across the row, it’s the wrong side. If you can identify that row at the transition of the patterns, mark the right side with a safety pin or other marker so that it’ll be easier to tell in the future.