Wrong side, Right side

I’m new at this and I’m slightly confused with my first part of my pattern.

[B]Foundation Row (Wrong Side):[/B] Knit

[B]Row 1 (Right Side):[/B]* K2tog, K6, yo, K6, sl 1, K1, psso; repeat from * across - 12 chevrons

The parts that are in bold I’m confused about(the wrong side and right side part), and I’m also a little confused on what a chevron is.

The Wrong Side or WS as its abbreviated is the side that will not be seen by the public. The Right Side or RS is the side that will be warn so that the public can see.

A chevron is an inverted V. So it looks like ^. From what it sounds like, its going to create 12 designs that look like inverted Vs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I always consider the Wrong Side to be what’s next to your skin or what’s considered to be inside-out. But what the public doesn’t see is the best description I’ve heard yet.

That’s giving you information - Row 1 will be the RS, and all the odd numbered rows after, then Row 2 and all the even numbered rows, will be the WS. Usually the first row is Row 1 so this begins a little differently and they’re just letting you know that.