Wrong side of garter stitch?

I’m getting ready to start the baby kimono from MDK. It says to cast on for the sleeves on the wrong side. I’ve been knitting for quite awhile but I don’t know how to identify the wrong side of garter stitch. :??

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Just pick a wrong side, garter stitch is completely reversible. So, whatever side you want to be the WS, that’s what it will be.

Your CO can determine a RS vs WS. If your particular CO creates a certain look decide which side you prefer, and just make sure you’re uniform when making it up. You don’t want the CO edge on one sleeve the opposite side of the other and sleeves should match body CO. Make sense?


Thanks for your responses. Both of your answers were what I thought was right but since this is a gift, I didn’t want to mess it up.


I would hang a safety pin on the right side to remind yourself which is which

Thanks for asking this… I was wondering this just last night!