Wrong side knitting

Hello! I have a question if someone would be so kind.

I am knitting a blanket on circular needles.

This is the pattern:
On wrong side, knit 6 (p4, k1), purl 4, knit 6
On right side, knit

Okay. I get the pattern, sort of, but does wrong side knitting involve going backwards, upside down, flipping work, whatever, LOL?? This really confuses me!

Thank you, Kelli. :knitting:

When you get to the end of the first row, you turn the work. That is, you put the needle with the stitches closest to it in your left (or non-dominant) hand and the empty one in your right, just as you would if you were knitting with straight needles. Forget that they’re connected. You’re working on circular needles because you have a bunch of stitches and the work would be heavy if you had straights long enough to hold them.

You’ll notice the pattern shows up better on one side than it does on the other. That’s the right side. The wrong side is usually not as fancy.

If you think you might forget where you were in the pattern, take a safety pin or paper clip and slide it through the fancy, meant to be seen right side of the work to remind yourself which is which. Once the pattern gets established, you won’t need it, but it’s a lot of help when you start.

Do you mean that I just knit as I normally would and not knit any differently than if the pattern didn’t even state wrong or right side?

Thank you!

Yes. Don’t worry about “wrong side” if it’s confusing. Just do Row 1, turn the work as you normally would and do Row 2, and so on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! My head is clear now, well, in regards to knitting.