Wrong side knitting and garter stitch

hi everyone
is garter stitch all knitting
and when says wrong side on all knittin,if its all going to be knit why does it matter which side you pick. does that sound right maggie

Garter stitch is knitting every stitch of every row, unless you are knitting in the round.

With garter stitch, both sides are identical so the right side and wrong side will look the same. Once you come to a point in your pattern when you are doing shaping (increases/decreases) or anything else that specifies in your pattern right side or wrong side, just choose a side and make that your right side from then on. It helps to put a safety pin on the right side so you remember which is which, once you’re at a point in the pattern that it matters.

Does that help?

yes thank you so much maggie

Also wanted to mention that right side and wrong side of garter stitch row #1 will look different…one side would be the “knit” and one side would be the “purl” or backside of that knit. (Did that make sense? :?? )

So, if you have a preference for the way you like your garter to start, it matters. If you don’t care, it only matters when shaping.