Wrong side Decrease? help

there is a star pattern in what are u knitting and its sooo cute but it says i have to do this…
Wrong side Decrease: (WSD) P2TOG, return decreased stitch to left needle, Pass 2nd stitch on left needle over decreased stitch, return decreased stitch to right needle.
and i have no clue i tryed google and the vids on this site but… i cant find anything so help? expalne what it is or better yet show me? -hopes- thanks

This had me confused too hob… Ok, you want to stitch 2 together using a purl, then move the stitch back to the left needle, with your main work it is just a slide
then pull the next stitch from the slid one over the slid (decreased stitch) and move the decreased stitch back to your other needle.

it was ur pattern! and im sorry i still dont undserstand is it p2tog then back on to 1st needle then silp next the stich ? am i even in the ball park?

I sent you a pm with an illustration. My drawing is lousy but I hope it helps

Yes you enter your needle into 2 stitches at the same time and purl them.
That will decrease 1 stitch - and the stitch is now on the right needle.
Now, slide that stitch BACK to the left needle without working it. Just slide it from Right to Left.
Now Take the Second stitch on your Left needle, and bring it over the first, and off the needle, you have now decreased 2 stitches.
As you all ready worked the first stitch on your left needle, just transfer it back to the right needle



WTG (way to go)
I knew you would get it.

It sounds a lot harder than it really is, and it took me trying over and over and over and asking the same questions you did for me to grasp it.