Wrong ply yarn

Hi everyone,

I recently started to learn to knit because I decided I wanted to try and make myself a scarf. I found a pattern in the shop but accidentally bought the wrong type of yarn, (I bought 8 ply and the pattern actually needs 14 ply).

Am I correct in thinking that if I wanted to make this same scarf but with a lower ply yarn I can just increase the number of stitches I cast on and the number of rows I knit?

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Yes, that would be the idea, more sts, more rows. You would also need more yarn and probably a smaller size needle. You’d be making an altogether finer knit fabric than the original pattern which may or may not work.
It would be better to hold onto the thinner yarn for another project and buy the super bulky yarn called for in the scarf pattern.

Ply is still hanging on as a description of yarn weight but it’s not very accurate since a ply is no longer a standard size.

Here’s a table relating ply to yarn weight.

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Thanks for the response. All the yarn here in Australia uses the ply system. None of them have the superbulky etc written on it