Wrong number of stitches

I am working on a pattern called Cotton Candy Dress designed by Celeste Pinherio. The dress is worked in one piece except for the sleeves. I have divided for front and back and everything is fine. The dress is divided as follows, there are 72 stitches.
Next row (rs)says p2 k12 and slip these stitches to a holder (left back) bind off 8 stitches for left underarm, k28 and slip these to a holder for the front, bind off 8 sts for right underarm, k12 p2.This is where the issue happens working on the right back which has 14 stitches p2 pm *k1, p2, rep from , across, end last rep p2 bracket (k1, p1) (k1), (p2)end of bracket when i count i get 15 stitches reading further in the pattern to where you would begin the neck and using the stitches that you have workef on it tells you to work the pattetn across 6 stitches and bind off 8 stitches for neck edge.the 14 stitches i now have on the needle. So where did i go wrong??? Thr left back is the same


Free pattern link.

Did I capture the part of the pattern you’re asking about? I’m having some trouble reading the typed in pattern. That’s not a criticism of your post, it’s just me.

If that’s the right part of the pattern, could you please restate your question. Thanks.

BTW in case you’d like to know. I opened the pattern, used CTRL and + to enlarge it, then used screenshot to capture the part I think you’re asking about. I saved it and attached it here.

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Yes that is yhe part that is giving me trouble You see at the end of the paragraph you bind off 8 sts for right underarm then you k12 and p2 Did that. I am now suppose to work on these 14 sts RIGHT? .Now if you try to work row 1 of the right back it doesn’t work out #of stitch wise

I checked for correction and found none except for a complaint by another knitter about various parts of the pattern. If i can’t figure thid out i am going to try my own pattern for the top part of the dress

You would have one stitch on the needle after the bind off then k12, p2 so you should have 15 sts otn. That’s how I’m seeing it anyhow. With 15 sts the p1 would leave you 13, the k1,p2 repeat would take 12, you would end with k1. Assuming the part in square brackets is for the different sizes.

So: IMO you will have 15 stitches on the needle, 1 rem from the bind off then the 14 worked. With 15 sts it seems to work out.

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That is where my problem is i must have binded off 9 sts instead of 8. I think i will do an increase st to rectify the error, unfortunately it through off each of the sections such as the front where it is affected by the other bind off. One more quick. Question it tells me to knit the next row to lsst 2 sts which i purl. Then it says to do thr 2 outer sts in garter sts and the remaining sts in rib pattern does that mean that each row is a repeat of just row 1 or of two 1 and row 2? Am i doing each pattern row exactly as row 1 or is the (rs)row the reverse of row 1 example row 1 says k1 p2 ect wouldthe next row be p1 k2?

I’m sorry to say, but I think I must abandon you now and let someone else help figure it out. My brain just hit total overload trying to think it through. :persevere:

Fourteen sts each is correct for the backs
If you look at the photos for the front in the pattern and for the backs in the Ravelry projects, the rib pattern continues to the end with the 2 edge sts on each side of the back opening in garter. I’d ignore completely the “…end last rep p2[(k1,p1) (k1), (p2)].” which isn’t borne out in the photos.

The pattern has the two edge sts at the back opening continuing in garter. The remaining sts are k1, p2 rib on the WS, knit across on the RS. This will give you a rib pattern with columns of 2sts in stockinette and 1 stitch in garter across the front and backs.

Thanks salmonmac i think i got it.

Help I have brain freeze. The pattern says to continue in pattern until the back measures 14 inches…okay no problem…then it says that I should end with a WS row.This means I should complete a WS row and my next row would begin with the RS us this correct…Told you I had a brain freeze

Yes, end having completed a WS row. Your next row will be a RS row.

Thanks as usual!!!