Wrong adaptation

I’ve been knitting an earflap hat, following an extremely easy pattern (it’s stockinette for a bunch of rows, then decreases) on 3.5mm dpns. I got to the bind off and decided to do kitchener st on the sts (I didn’t want to turn on the computer to check what to do). When I finished, I saw that the hat was all folded: the grafting had pulled the knitting and tightened it. Once I tried it on, I saw that it was EXTREMELY big (if it didn’t have decreases it was sweater size). :frog:

So I undid it and am beginning from scratch. This time, it looks too small. But I’ve decided that it’s very stretchy, so I’ll just go on and do a better BO.

This is what happens to me for adapting a pattern to smaller needles so quickly. The other time (while knitting a shawl), a similar thing occurred, and my shawl’s sizes didn’t follow at all the pattern’s. I now promise myself to get the exact gauge of what I’m knitting before doing anything.

Knitting isn’t a destination, it’s a journey! Sounds like your “journey” is very colorful and that you are learning a lot from trial and error!

Thanks for posting! I’ve been down the same knitting path! It’s nice to have company on the journey!

To continue ArtLady’s motif, it sounds like you went down a very interesting road.

I made a beautiful blue sweater that could be a nightgown - all because I messed up on the guage. It is a pain but you’ve got to check it!

How is it coming along this time??? :happydance: