Written vs Chart.

I am confuse with this written vs chart instruction. Hoping someone can help me.
The written seem pretty clear to me., but it doesn’t seem right when compare to the chart.
According to the chart, it seem like placing 16 sts + 1 CO on waste yarn.

When working rnd 77, place 17 sts marked with the blue line on waste yarn for the
thumb. CO1 using backwards loop and continue working palm of hand



It can be confusing. The blue line marks off the 17sts to be placed on waste yarn. The V stands for the cast on of one stitch.
When charts seem confusing, refer to the row before or the row after the current one. If you look at the previous row, you can see that there are 17sts to go on waste yarn. One “replacement” stitch will be cast on.

Thanks Salmonmac

Lucky they have written in there., if not, I will just follow the chart blindly.