Writing your own knitting book?


Has anyone here written their own book for publication, either self published or traditionally? I’m just really curious about the ins and outs of the process!
It’s something I was thinking of doing eventually - if I do I was thinking maybe starting with eBooks would be a good option.


You mean a pattern book? I don’t have any desire to do so. I am a frequent knitter at our yarn store and most people are trying to get rid of many of their books. Most people seem to buy patterns online now often through Ravelry.


Thanks for your reply - I should have mentioned I meant a pattern book!
Ravelry is definitely something I’ll be using for some other patterns I have in mind, what I do with my ‘main’ project really depends on how it turns out (will be either on Ravelry or in an eBook), but if people are trying to offload their knitting books (something that hadn’t occurred to me, so thanks for that!), then it would make sense to publish online in some form, anyway.