Writing Own Patterns

I’ve been thinking about writing down patterns to some of the things that I’ve knitted. Sometimes I just begin a project, I don’t always use a pattern, and it makes sense to me in my head but I’ve had a few people at work ask me for a pattern for some items that I’ve just ‘knitted’. I’ve got to admit that it would be neat to have a record of what I did on an item and be able to share.

What is the best way to do this? Do you write the pattern first or as you go along? After you write the pattern, do you knit another item, using the pattern to check for mistakes?

Thanks for your help

I think, to make sure the pattern is correct, to write and edit while you are making a test sample. Typos, abbreviations, spelling and grammar can be corrected upon completion of the test sample. There are way too many patterns out there that are written down before or after and leave out important things. There are people who will glady test knit for a free pattern and this is a super way to assure correctness. It is timely and you may get discouraged and it will slow down the finished object but in the long run, you will feel confident that it’s a good pattern and free of error.

Another thing, we all do things in various forms to obtain the same end result. Remember that not everyone has your degree of understanding and make general notes for explanations. Sometimes wording gets confusing but if you’ll put yourself in someone elses shoes and read what you’ve written, you’ll be able to explain so anyone can understand. It’s not uncommon to make reference to videos or books but remember, if you’re going to sell or give to others, these references must have permission. Permission for references is usually easily obtained by simply sending an email to the source. Save these for your protection and I applaud you for wanting to write your patterns!!!

I make a pattern for what ever I want to knit and then I just follow it. I’m not sure how I can knit something THEN make a pattern.

I make an outline of the steps for what I’ll be doing (or what I [I]think[/I] I’ll be doing!) and what materials I’m using, leaving lots of white space and pencilling in things based on previous projects. As I actually knit the item, I fill in and correct each section. I usually do this in pencil and do not recopy it when done, but do recopy occasionally if I’ve wind up with lots of arrows, margin notes, and so forth.:teehee:

If I’m working on something new, it’s done while I am knitting, notes, trial and error, then once the bugs are worked out, it gets noted on and is marked as checked and okay.

If working on adaptations and extensions, the initial pattern is there, just have to tweek it to allow for adjustments and notes are taken and tested as I knit.

I think whatever works best for you individually is the correct way.

I design latch hook , knitting and crochet toy patterns. First I chart them , then write them out in rough and knit them from this pattern.
If I am happy with the results, I then type them up with the written and making up instructions and have to knit it all over again . However this is a double check on my pattern before it gets published. I really give a lot of information on my written and making up instructions to help the knitter complete the toy. When i donated Austin the Bear I got A lot Of feed back on how they enjoyed making him, which was great for me.

Thank you… I appreciate all the feedback. I’ve got a few ideas in my head, now I just have to find the time to sit down and begin knitting them and writing down the patterns.

It will definetly help me when I go to make the same item a second or third time - I won’t have to try and remember what I did.

I know it will take me some time, but if I can, I’ll publish them on my blog. I don’t mind sharing…

Thank you… :hug: