Wristband pattern w/intarsia heart

Okay, I’ve found a pattern for a wristband and I understand it and all but I want to add a heart done in intarsia. Can someone help get a pattern for an intarsia heart big enough for a wristband? The wristband pattern I’m using is this: http://www.canadianliving.com/crafts/knitting/powerful_wrist_protection.php. Thanks for any help. Oh, and if it matters, it’s for an 11 year old girl so I’m definitely making the smaller version. Oh, and last thing, can I even do intarsia if I’m knitting circular? Or should I knit it flat and then sew up the side? Again, thanks for your help!

You can’t do intarsia in the round… your working yarn will end up at the end of the pattern, and then when you get back around you won’t be able to get to it!

You can duplicate stitch it in, though. Or knit flat and seam (or, do a provisional cast on, knit flat, then graft/kitchener stitch the last row to the CO edge).

check KPC for heart patterns!