Wrist warmers for Charity

Hi … I am hooked on knitting wrist warmers. I guess that is how some people get about socks … now I get it. But living in Texas … I don’t really have a personal need for them :slight_smile: I was thinking that they might be a good charity knitting item.

Elderly might like them to protect their wrists … I have often seen them wearing cut of cuffs from socks . And I think kids would like them just for fun.

Has anyone had any experience with knitting wrist warmers / fingerless gloves for charity? If so, what organization accepted them?

Trying to find a good home for them.

Looking forward to your ideas.

Hi, Kanda:
I’ve never heard of a charity specifically requesting wrist warmers; however, on the Care Wear web site there are a few hospitals listed requesting IV covers. You might want to try there: http://www.carewear.org . Also, have you thought about contacting a local senior (daycare) center or nursing home to see if they might like to accept your gift.

Hi … I actually started these because I found a web site with the pattern and called them IV covers. But about a week later there was a message that said the hospital could not use them for sanitary reasons. Then I contacted Childrens Hospital in Houston and the voluteer thought it was a great idea so she checked with staff and they too said no … no for purposes of IV covers. Well I had already made a few pair so I sent then to the hospital along with some hats hoping they could be enjoyed by the kids just for fun purposes.

I just thought that is there was a REAL NEED somewhere … that would be a better fit. Thanks for the referral page of Care Wear I had not been there. I think I will try making the Aran hat next.

I will also go ahead and see about the local senior centers … I know these could fit a real need. :muah: I just might need to work at it a little more . kc