Wrist warmer gauge troubles

i need help w/ the gauge in this pattern: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=10620.0

for me 14 sts = 2.5" do i cast on more sts or do i change needle sizes?

Change your needle size to a bigger needle.



are you sure? i kinda thought i should change to a smaller size to get more stitches per inch :shrug:

~sigh~ gauge is always been something that confused me

If 14sts should equal 4" and you have 14sts over just 2.5", that works out to 5.6sts/1", which would equal 22.4sts/4". You have way too many stitches per inch already so the previous poster is correct - you need to go up in needle size. I’m wondering though if your gauge is off by that much whether you should be using a different yarn for this project? Something a bit bulkier?

i’m sure u’re right about the gauge, and u may be right about the yarn, but all i have is worsted weight–a problem thats been biting me in the butt for quite some time.

I’ve thought about this again, and I find it strange that the pattern actually does call for worsted weight and size 7 needle, and in my experience I’ve never gotten 14sts/4" with that combination of yarn/needle. I’m usually at about 19-20sts per inch with a worsted and size 7.

forget this pattern. its too crazy to worry about. i’ll just play around w/ it till i get it right, i’ll probably end up trying a 35-43 CO at first, but its just so off its hard to tell what it should do.

and u mean 19-20sts/4" right? :??

Sorry, yes I meant per 4".

The pattern seems like a very basic one that you could easily adjust the cast on in order to make it fit. Good luck!

this pattern looks like its much better then the 1 i used

only problem is i have neither 3.5mm needles or dk yarn :roll:

This pattern looks like a simple rectangle with a seam and an opening for your thumb.

You don’t really need a pattern at all. Just get a gauge of the yarn you want with the needles you are using and cast on the number of stitches you need to get the measurements you want. Then do as much ribbing as you want, change to stockinette for as long as you want and then change back to a few rows of ribbling to finish it off. Close off the seam and leave an opening for your thumb. You could even go down a couple of needle sizes for the ribbing to make a tighter fit around your wrist and fingers. Voila! Wrist warmers.

I made a pair like that but did a ribbing for the whole thing.


whoa, that helps a lot!

ok, so what if i use size 5 for the ribbing and 7 for the rest, how many should i cast on? i have no idea how do find out :shrug:

Knit a swatch with the yarn and needles that you plan to use for the project. Measure it. Whatever your measurement of stitches/inch ends up being, multiply that by how many inches around your wrist is to come up with your cast on. So for example if you get 5 stitches/inch and your wrist is 6" around then you would cast on 30sts.

I wrote you some detailed instructions this morning in the other thread you started about the same topic. Look here.

I wrote you some detailed instructions this morning in the other thread you started about the same topic. Look here.[/quote]

i saw it right after i made this comment. yes it was very detailed and very helpful. thanx again!