Wrist Rest

Not sure if that’s the official name, but I was wanting to knit up a wrist rest for my mouse and my keyboard. I’m a fairly new knitter and can’t really comprehend making my own pattern at this time. I would like it to be cylindrical in shape, if that make any sense. Could someone give me some pointers as to how to make this?



There was a post on craftster.org a couple years ago, I think she called it a Mouse Pillow. Ahhh, here it is - http://pieknits.com/pattern4.html

For a keyboard rest, you’d just make it wider by casting on more stitches. All the shaping is done at the edges, so it doesn’t matter how many stitches are in the middle.

I made one but it wasn’t as shaped. I just made a big rectangle and sewed up the sides. It works very well. I also have one that I bought at a computer store and it’s just about as good, but not as firm.

I also did a crochet border and that made it look really cute. I think it was a picot edge with a crochet hook. It’s really small but adds a little interest.

Next time I might buy another rest and make a cozy for that. I really prefer the firmess of whatever is inside this stuff. It was about $10.00 You could use flaxseed for a unique feel too, but I’m super picky :slight_smile:

I bet you could also fill it with uncooked rice. :wink:

Thanks for the info, girls! I think I’m going to tackle this during my Christmas break. I’ve got too many Christmas presents to get out of the way first!!