Wrapping yarn

Does it make a difference which way the yarn is wrapped around the needle when using the English style? Counter clockwise or just clockwise

Actually it’s counter clockwise, I think, clockwise gives you twisted stitches, not sure though.

Depends which way you look at the needle, and that’s why the clockwise/c clockwise question confuses me. You wrap the same way as you do in continental - with the yarn in back bring it under, to the front and over the needle to the back again.

Sue is right about which way you view the needle. :lol:

It does matter if you don’t want twisted stitches. There is a method called combined knitting that twists on one side and untwists on the other. I recommend learning the traditional way so you won’t have untwist stitches for increases and decreases, etc. There is a video here for both english and continental in the video section. :thumbsup: