Wrapping stitches

Hi Everyone…this is Zebra again…

Thanks for your help with my last post today, Suzeeq!

I got through that 2nd last row, now I’m stuck with the last row -

[U]Last row:[/U] P1, *wrap st, P1; rep from * to end of row.

The second last row told me to:

[U]Second last row[/U]: (RS)K1, *(K1wrap3)4 times, K1; rep from * to end of row.

In the abbreviations for the pattern it says that a “wrap st” means - yb, pass the next 4 sts on to the right-hand needle dropping the extra sts, yf, pass the 4 sts back to to the left-hand needle, yb, pass the sts to the right-hand needle.

[B]But, what do I do with those “wrapped stitches”. It says to drop them but then I’m left with lots of massive holes![/B]
Any thoughts from anyone???

:woot: Zebra

Yes you do drop the extra loops, but then you’re wrapping the yarn around the base of them so it won’t leave holes. That’s what all the ‘yb’ and ‘yf’ is for - yarn back and yarn front. So after you get the 4 long sts on the R needle, bring the yarn to front, slip the 4 sts back to the L needle, bring the yarn to the back, then slip them back to the R needle. They’ll be bundled up together then.