Wrapping stitches in mitered corner knitting

I am making E. Zimmerman’s garter stitch afghan- it has mitered corners. The suggestion is to wrap and conceal wrap to avoid holes; i am having trouble understanding how to do this, and all instructional videos are about wrapping and concealing stitches on stockinette and within a garmet rather than related to mitered corner. Can anyone assist? thanks!:slight_smile:

What book is it in? She’s got a lot of patterns.

For garter stitch you don’t really need to worry about the wraps showing like they do in stockinette. I don’t bother picking them up when I do garter and they really just blend in to the rest of the pattern.

It’s in “The Opinionated Knitter.” It is a blanket made of four interlocking pieces. Meg Swanson’s notes are included, and she recommends both the wrap and concealing the wrap if you don’t want holes in the blanket. I tried it with just the wrap, and unless I am doing it incorrectly, it doesn’t become invisible. Where this differs from wapping in a short row is that with each turn, you need to slip another stitch. It seems impossible to both slip the stitch and conceal the previous one. The blanket appears in the blog of Jared Flood, “Brooklyn Tweed,” and it is seamless, no holes where the mitered turns are- he wrote that he knitted it as suggeted by Meg, so I wish to do the same, as I want to achieve his look. I am an intermediate level knitter at best, and so believe that the underlying problem is my not understanding the technique here. Thanks for any help you have to offer!

Nothing will be completely invisible, but that’s okay. As long as you’re consistent is what matters most. Garter stitch does show a little more maybe because you are adding extra rows when you do short rows and since garter is ridges those ridges will show up.

I’ve done garter stitch w/t and and I don’t pick up the wraps. If you look very closely you might be able to see the it, but for the most part the wraps just blend with the purl bumps you see. Here’s a page to look at maybe it will help.

Scroll down for the garter info -