Wrapping edge stitch

I am knitting a pansy from, (A pansy for Shelda) . the purl row says purl 21, and wrap edge stitch and turn. same with the knit row. I am having a heck of a time with it. Is there a video? I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

thanks cathy

I’m not positive w/o a pattern, but it sounds like your doing “short rows” which will give the petals some shape.

Check out the video here and see if that looks familiar. If not then I’m sure Ingrid or someone who knows more will be along to help you.

The edge stitch is what’s confusing me. How many stitches are on the needle?

With larger needle and Color A, CO 22 sts

Row 1 (RS) K7, place marker, K8, place marker, K7, wrap edge st and turn

Switch to smaller needles for this and all subsequent rows.

Row 2 P21,[**] wrap edge st and turn

**Change colors here: P last st using both colors. Take new color to front and wrap edge st

Row 3 K4, SSK, K2tog, K4, SSK, K2tog, K3, wrap and turn

Row 4 P15, [***] wrap next-to-last st and turn


I have been all over internet, looking for help with this wrap edge stitch, this is the pattern http://www.ample-knitters.com/pansypattern.html . Can anyone try it and let me know what they think? It would only take a few minutes to do one petal.

thanks cathy :crying:

I don’t have time this minute to do the pansy, but here are some tutorials on short rows.

Wrapped stitch short row tutorial

Also, I have 3 books that all have instruction for short rows with wrapping. Do you have any books? I find these indispensible!
This is the best one and seems to have the most information.
The Knitter’s Bible
These are also good and usually fill in the gaps from the other one.
Encyclopedia of Knitting
The Knitter’s Companion

4 days now, i think pattern is wrong, if you notice first row knit 22 total and do edge stitch, there is no stitch to do edge stitch. could someone look at my previous posting, and tell me if I am loosing it?

:thinking: :crying:

Okay, I attemped it and wasn’t sure how to do the wrapped edge either. However I DID find an email address of a woman who’s done the pansies so surely she’ll know what the pattern means!

You’ll see her pansies and the email link is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks so much for trying it. I just can’t get it. Hope I can come up with a way to get ahold of the woman you told me about. If I do, I will get back to you.

thanks cathy :lol:

OK, I just had to have a go at this, short row heels being my faves ‘n’ all!

So, it instructs you to knit to the end and then do a wrap and turn so, I knit to the end of that first row then brought the yarn around to the back, to the purl side, slipped that first stitch, then began to purl from the second stitch onwards.

Well, this is what I ended up with, (didn’t have time to do a complete petal and it was done in Lion Brand Jiffy - was the closest thing to hand)!

Hopefully you’ll get an answer from the lady who wrote the pattern, (and she’ll probably tell you something completely different)! :rofling:

What I’m seeing from your photo looks perfect! I still don’t get the wrap part though…so you basically turn the work with the yarn in front as if to purl, then slip the stitch and start purling? Or do you slip with the yarn in back as if to purl then bring the yarn forward and purl?

Now you’re just trying to confuse me! LOL

I moved the yarn to the back after knitting the row then slipped the first stitch, then turned and purled the rest of the stitches.

I gave this a lot of thought after going to bed - still wondering if that was right but if it’s not then surely the only other alternative would be to just purl all the stitches then start doing the wrap and turns from the next knit side, (the third row). I’m sure it wouldn’t be a major problem to do that - you would still end up knitting 21 stitches on that third row and then do the wrap and turn.

It’s such a ‘small’ project that it wouldn’t hurt to play with those first few rows until you get it to your satisfaction. :slight_smile:

Okay, after some searching on the internet, I found a discussion in another forum where someone describes how to do the stitch. Apparently, the first row of the original pattern has an error. You should knit 7, Place Marker, knit 8, Place Marker, knit 6 (instead of 7) and wrap the last stitch. She has some photos there as well.