Wrapping and then dropping next row.

I understand the wrapping part but the dropping I just can’t get it to do right. Please help.

Are you doing elongated stitches?


No. When I am supposed to drop I bring the yarn around front then back3 times to where it is around the sts on the R needle.
In row 2 I (k1 wrap yarn 3 times around needle) 5 times.

In row 3 (sl 5 wrapped sts to RN, dropping wraps [ bring yarn to front, sl 5 sts back to LN, bring yarn to back, sl 5 sts to RN] twice, p1

Did you get all that?

Can you give us the pattern details so we can try to find a photo?

I am testing this pattern and I wasn’t able to get a hold of the designer. I can take a picture of the instructions.

Are you able to see this? The pattern is not available until next month.

The video that GG posted is a good one that shows how to drop the wraps (see especially 2:30min). You are going to encircle the elongated sts with the yarn strand which isn’t in the video but dropping the wraps is nicely demonstrated.

Try this video and see if it helps. It’s the first one I came across showing what I think you’re to do. There are others.
Daisy Stitch (Variation)


Wow it’s like magic. I love the lace weight sample in the video, amazing.
It’s a shame the woman refers to both sides of the work as the back, a bit off putting and could be confusing.

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Thank you very much for all your help. It helped me understand what I was supposed to do.
Anna Smith