Wrap1 and turn?

Hi all,

I am new to knitting, having only knitted a scarf and a blanket for my baby! So, with the christening looming, I thought it would be lovely to knit my own bootee’s. Have found a pattern and got to row 5… now I am stuck!

Pattern reads-

Next row: k(17), wrap 1, turn.
next row: knit to end.
Working across all sts work 2 rows.

Please put me out of my misery- what does this mean and what do I do??? I looked up the glossary and found the wrap1 part, so think I could just manage that, but I dont understand what it means by turn, and where have the remaining (cast on 22sts) gone?

Also, what does working across all sts, work 2 rows mean? The pattern is garter stich, does it mean GS for 2 rows?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

There’s a good explanation of wrapping here,which is done for short rows. That’s what it’s called when you don’t go all the way across, then turn your work as if you were at the end of the row and go back. It sounds like on the next row you’ll be working all the stitches instead of part of them.


Thank you- I will have a look and post again if I have absolutley no clue… A distinct possability!!!