Wrap yarn counterclockwise around stiches on cable needle?

I am currently working on an afghan and all was going well until I got to this row which says:

Row 22:
P3, (k2, p2) twice, k2, sl last 6 sts worked onto cable needle **and wrap yarn 4 times **
*_counterclockwise around these 6 sts_*, sl 6 sts back to right-hand needle, p2, k2, p3

And I’m not sure what the part I have bolded means or how I do this. I assume I shouldn’t be creating additional stitches because this is supposed to stay the same size throughout and there’s no decrease anywhere in the pattern. Any help is much appreciated!

The reason it’s on the cable needle is so you can wrap it around the stitches on the needle. It won’t create extra stitches. To do it counterclockwise I would go around the back first and bring to the front, etc if you’re looking at it from the top.

What are you making? Can you provide a link and pattern name? (Don’t post the pattern itself here other than a few lines as you’ve done)

This shows how to wrap the stitches. I don’t know if you have cables or not but the technique is the same. Flowers in a Row is a stitch pattern that uses wrapped stitches but I couldn’t find a video that uses a cable needle. HTH & happy knitting.

Thank you so much for that video, that’s extremely helpful! I guess the main difference in the pattern I have is that the instructions explicitly state to work the 6 stitches first, then transfer to cable needle before doing the wrapping. But I imagine it will work out well regardless. Thanks!

She did use a cable needle in the video…isn’t that what you need?