Wrap & turn question

Hi everyone. I’m currently working / starting the Meghan Jones “Radiant” pattern (web link: http://petitepurls.com/winter10/winter2010_p_radiant.html). I think I understand how to do the w&t but what I don’t understand is do I go and pick up those wrapped stitches even if the pattern doesn’t call for it?or is it a given that you pick them up the next row? Also the pattern is telling me to w&t at the end of the row do I just keep knitting once I’ve turned my work? Once you copy and paste the link provided above, my question may make more sense. Thanks in advance for your help. Trying knit for my nice while I’m in hospital and have time to kill.

It actually does tell you to pick them up on Row 17. It just doesn’t say it in the pattern notes because it’s only a description of the w&t itself.

Cute sweater!

When you w&t, you’ll leave some sts unworked on the left hand needle. Just do the w&t and then go on to the directions for the next row, the purl row. Hope this makes your time in the hospital fly by and you’re out soon!

Hi ladies thanks for your responses, they did help. Thanks for pointing out that they do tell you to pick up the stitches on line 17. I may come back and ask you about how to do that. How do i pick them up if they are on another row. And thank you for also pointing out that you end up with stitches at the end of the rows that end up untouched that confirmed that i was doing it right. Anyway, THANKS again for your help with it i can continue to keep busy at the hospital so thanks a buch

Once you do it you should be able to see the wrap unless your yarn is very fluffy or multi color. You can put a locking marker or safety pin right on it if you think it won’t be visible.

The amazing part of these short rows is that the wrapped sts won’t be in another row. They’ll be on the left needle, in the same final row as you knit across.

Your wrapped stitches are going to look like they’re wearing turtle neck sweaters. You will work the knit stitches on the knit row and pick up each in turn. Insert the tip of your right needle into the wrap and place it on your left needle. Stretch this wrapped stitch out and lift it over the other stitch. Knit these two stitches together. Do this right down the line for all the wrapped knit stitches. Turn the work. Do the same on the purl side but purl the two stitches together. Sometimes it’s easier to work if you pick those wrapped purl stitches up from the knit side.

Thanks ladies your explanations totally made sense to me. So much so that I was able to identify that I had made an error. I’ve now gone back and fixed the problem. In doing this, a question turned up. When doing this wrap & turn do you wrap around the last stitch called for or the one after. For example on row9, the pattern tells you to k54, then w&t. So do I k53 sts and wrap between the 53 rd and 54th st, or do I k54 and wrap between the 54th and 55th sts?

My thinking is that you would knit 54 stitches, and then wrap the 55th stitch, return the 55th stitch to your left-hand needle and then turn your work.

I agree.

Yes, wrap the stitch after Kx so you knit 54, wrap and turn on the next one.