Wrap & Turn pattern question

Happy New Year to all!

I’ve decided to try and knit my first big peoples cardigan! LOL I’ve knitted for babies but never adults.

The problem is I’ve never done the technique Wrap and Turn. I’ve seen the videos and I think I have that down now. But what confuses me is the pattern.

I have 126 stitches on my needles so far.

Next step in pattern is short rows to raise up the back of the neck as follows:

P104, w&t
K82, w&t
P60, w&t
K38, w&t

So do I Purl the 104 wrap turn and then K 82? wrap turn Purl 60 wrap turn then K 38 wrap and turn?

OR do I Purl the 104 then w&t and purl to finish out the row then go to the next line and K82 etc?

I think I’ve confused myself LOL Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Yes, this is one of those techniques that is clearer when you have the sts in hand than it is when you read the pattern. You’ll purl 104 wrap, turn and then you’ll be on the knit side. K82, wrap, turn and you’ll be back to the purl side. Purl 60, wrap, turn and k38 stitches. You’ll be leaving sts unworked at the ends of the needles but dont’t worry about them. You’ll get back to them later. The whole idea is to insert extra rows at the back of the neck to make it higher in the center. If you haven’t seen the videos for German short rows (here and here), you might give them a look. I think it’s an easier technique than the conventional wrap and turn.
Whatever the method you use, good luck with the big people’s sweater!

Thank you so much for the information. I tried it out and once I went through the last step of 38 stitches I had a lot of stitches left to knit so I knitted to the end and then started the next row and picked up the wrapped stitches with no problem!

Good for you! I found short rows to be very scary indeed, beyond intimidating. With help from here I was able to get the hang of them and now they’re not such a big deal at all. I feel like adding short rows to our skills is a pretty big accomplishment.

Isnt it a great feeling when you finally master a new technique in knitting or crochet?!!

I didnt even have a hole after I knitted the wrap! :yay:

I didnt even have a hole after I knitted the wrap!
:yay: :cheering:

It took me more tries than that to get it right. I finally got them to work with the German short rows method. Today I’ve had opportunity to try the combined knitting method, a swatch sounded toooooo boring and so I decided to make a small gift bag. I’ll finish knitting, sew up the sides, and my granddaughter’s birthday gift can go in it. I really think I’m getting a more consistent tension knitting this way.