Wrap & Turn in the Round Help

Please any help to understand how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. I have made a sweater for my dachshund and it has short rows in the chest section. I am awful for explaining this…here goes…I have holes in my sweater from the wrap and turn on the purl side, the wrap is on the wrong side. THEREFORE creating holes in the project. IT’s bugging me to get it fixed or learn the method that will work to not have holes. Have seen how to do it on a flat piece, but it’s different knitting in the round as it’s all knit stitches. Anyone had success with W&T in the round?? Please help!
Thanks Tracy

Wrap & turn sections are knitted back and forth even on in-the-round projects.

Generally, picking up the wrap and working it with the stitch eliminates the hole, but there may still be some irregularity left, just because your stitches are not all on the same round.

Do you have true holes, or can you just see where the short row ended?

Here are two slight variations on concealing wraps one for knits and one for purls. The videos are a little wordy but you can always fast forward if you want.

ok…here is a photo of the sweater on my blog with the question…I have looked at the video’s, and think for the most part I understand the concept. Doing some research on the web, I have found lot’s of other’s have asked this same question, but I never really see any resolutions. I am almost finished with this sweater, but would like to make her another one…and I want it without holes…I think they are holes btw. Maybe it’s in the method of wrapping on the one side…and it seems everyone has a hard time explaining what we are doing. So I apologize if this isn’t helpful! lol
Whoops, helps if I include the url: http://cocoweinerdog.blogspot.com/2011/11/knitting-helpholes-in-my-wrap-turn-in.html

To be honest, I am not an avid knitter, so I couldn’t tell if i were where the short row ended. I am learning, and this has been my most advanced piece so far. AND I notice photo’s of some of the other sweaters that were posted and some have the same holes…lol

Done properly, this technique is essentially invisible. I wonder if you’re unconsciously holding the yarn more tightly as you do the w&t? That could turn a small irregularity into a hole.
Here’s one (actually two) more videos for German short rows. It’s a different approach and pulling the yarn a little tighter is part of the technique. Try it out on a swatch and see if it helps eliminate the hoes.

I’ve just turned heels using the German short row method (salmonmac beat me to posting the link!) and the only place I noticed a hole was at the beginning side of the short rows because, as mentioned above, they were actually on different rows as I continued working in the round. I did a M1 (make one) from the bar, then knitted it and the next stitch together and it helped a lot.
Knitting increases videos: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/increases

Ok, Thanks for the input, I will look at these and start my sweater for my dachshund and see how this works out for me!

Thanks salmonmac for this information, I will be giving this a try! I appreciate the help!

I do German short rows rather than wrap and turn. They’re easier. It gives you a nice seamless turn without any holes. What many beginners don’t know is that when you’ve finished your turns and join the work back into a circle, you need to pick up a few stitches in the gap. This is the gap between the short row section and the stitches which have been left unworked. You’ll do this on both the left and right sides. On the next row, you’ll decrease stitches in this area until your stitch count is back to the correct number. This will prevent holes in those areas.

I think the poster did these videos backwards. Watch part 2 first and then part 1.

THanks! I have watched these two video’s, and I am going to give this a try when I get to that point again. Thank you everyone for the overwhelming help! Greatly appreciated!