Wrap the yarn twice?

I am making a “Panes” Bag, which is a felted bag with window panes of contrasting colors. But I am stumped with the wrap twice part. Does it mean to yarn over two times?

The pattern says to K3, K1 wrapping the yarn twice…sorry for the omission

perhaps they are talking about doing 2 yarn overs? At least that sounds like what they are trying to say… :shrug:

I’d probably wrap the yarn twice around the needle and then pull both loops through.

What do you have to do on the next row with those two wraps?

The pattern reads like this:
Row 1 - MCk3, k1wrapping yarn twice, repeat to end of round
Row 2 - CC1 k3, s1 dropping wrap repeat to end of round
Row 3 - CC1 k3, s1 (this will be the same stitich slipped in the previus round and will be MC ) Repeat
Thanks for all your help. My mom has been teaching me to knit, and she’s out of town…

On row 2, you’ll let the extra wrap just slide off the tip of the needle when you slip the knit stitch.

from what I read/see in the pattern, the second wrap is dropped making the stitch high enough to be knit in the 2nd row UP, instead of justthe next row like Normal knitting
I can see what it is doing, but not Why
maybe I will make this pattern someday