Wrap Style Shetland Triangle -- Best Yarn?

I’m getting ready to attempt to knit the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. The pattern suggests a fingering weight yarn, but it seems many people have used a heavier weight yarn (like the DB Alpaca Silk). Any ideas for which would be better? What do you think of a light mohair? Will a light color pick up the pattern more than a dark color, or does it matter? Thanks!

I would definately use a lighter color as opposed to a dark one in lace. You could definately use any yarn thinner than worsted, as long as it has a very nice drape to it.

Shawl patterns are usually very adaptable to different weights of yarn. The shawl as pictured in the book looks quite small, almost like a shawlette so if you wanted a larger, full sized shawl, using a heavier weight yarn would be the way to go. Remember if you use a heavier yarn to increase the needle to about 2 sizes larger than what the yarn label recommends. This is necessary to get the proper drape.

Light shades tend to emphasize lace patterns more although you can find some very striking looking lace shawls done in dark shades also. If you haven’t done much lace work you will find lighter colored yarns easier to see.

Regular mohairs usually do not show lace patterns well because of the halo. However, lace mohairs like Kidsilk Haze, Kid Seta, Douceur et Soie, etc. can be used very effectively in lace.

I actually plan to knit the shawl in DB Alpaca Silk Dk and lace wt yarns, I love the shawl and would love to knit it in different yarn wts.
You can see some beautiful examples at the Scarf and Wrap Style kal.

I have a friend who has knit two of them in gorgeous, deep colors…one in KP Andean Silk (details here) and one in Plymouth Galway (details here…scroll down).

I’m not a shawl knitter but after seeing hers I’m tempted to knit one :smiley:

Thanks so much everyone!